"Dance Your Way"
Customized Intensive Experience

July 10-23
August 14-27

It’s no secret that Dance Intensives take dedication, time, and energy. 

That’s the point, right?  It’s INTENSIVE!

But with everything you have going on…
…and everything going on in the world…
…you should have options for your dance training.

That’s what the “Dance Your Way” Customized Intensive Experience is all about…OPTIONS!

When you sign up, you can pick a 5-class/week “Custom Schedule” option or a 9-class/week “Full Schedule” option.

The “Custom Schedule” option let’s you pick the classes you want.  Maybe you want only weekdays.  Maybe you want to skip pointe class.  The Custom Schedule option leaves it up to you!
How much? $100.

Can’t get enough and want to take every class possible?  Choose the “Full Schedule” option!
How much?  $180.

If that’s not custom enough…you can even choose whether to take class online or in-person.  Or mix-and-match!

This is one intensive that will not get cancelled!

Click here to see the weekly schedule.

Pandemic Safety Precautions will be observed


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Photo credit: Matthew Venanzi